Raymond James: These 3 Stocks Are Poised to Surge by at Least 50%

In a recent note on the state of the stock markets, Raymond James equity strategist Tavis McCourt points out a series of policy factors that are playing a role in the current market volatility; the situation is more complex, perhaps, than most of us have been willing to admit. McCourt notes permutations of the SLR rule, political dynamics on the Senate Banking Committee, and the regulatory atmosphere towards potential capital return are all influencing the Fed’s moves and the market reactions. “We believe the Fed will do everything they can to ensure orderly trading in US Treasuries and does not want to see the volatility and liquidity concerns that have occurred in the last week/over the course of the pandemic. We also believe that the Fed is not interested in having a spike in yields as Treasury seeks to finance the next round of stimulus,” McCourt opined. The strategist added, “While the SLR conversation is a political and market issue for the Fed, we believe that any Treasury and/or equity market sell-off tied to the debate is transitory and overblown. We are more focused on the improving economic environment, vaccine distribution, and reflation.” Bearing this in mind, our focus turned to three stocks backed by Raymond James,