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The price of Bitcoin has been up and down all year, from an all-time high of $60,000 in April to under $30,000 in July. Meanwhile, Americans’ interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has grown alongside, at least according to their Google searches.

We’ve taken an interest in crypto this year, too — especially after noticing the lack of guidance for long-term investors more interested in retirement savings than getting rich quick with some new meme coin. Amid the constant price fluctuations, we’ve shared how investors can incorporate crypto into their portfolio without risking their other financial priorities — and weather the volatility along the way. Whether you’ve already invested and want to find the best form of wallet storage or you’re only beginning to explore how cryptocurrency actually works, we’re here to help guide you through the world of crypto. 

Source: Google Trends. Google’s 0-100 scale represents relative search interest over time, with 100 representing peak popularity for the visible term.

Source: CoinDesk historical data using closing prices.

Many of the topics we’ve covered are the same ones crypto-curious investors are asking